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In the Name of the Lord, I ask your blessing, Most Blessed Master!

Dear Beloved Faculty, Staff, Students, and Board of St Tikhon’s,

Christ is Risen!

I am asking for one dollar.
And a share.
And 100% participation.

That’s all.

Well, except I might ask you to share more than once today! 

Please share one dollar with your alma mater today.
And, of your charity, would you invite (by sharing this email or the links below) your parishioners to join YOU in sharing one dollar?  One wee mite?

In Bright Week, more than 20,000 people viewed our St Tikhon’s choir members singing a virtual version of Christ is Risen.  If each of you who viewed gave $1, the seminary would raise the funds needed to support our Seminarians for one month—approximately $20,000.
 We know times are tight for us all.  So we remember the widow who put in her two mites—all she had.  Behold the Power of MITE!
 We share another Paschal Video with you—one of my favorites (give it a minute–it has to go to outer space to open, and it is a large file).  A beautiful Paschal hymn written by our canonized Rector, St Nikolai Velimirovich.  And sung “Covid Style” by Professor, Students, and Alumni together!

We will send some other neat St Tikhon’s living history from our archives throughout the day.  And maybe even an encouraging prize or two throughout the day.

Like, forward, share, and please support a seminarian with at least $1. 
 Show the power of WEE MITE. 
 With your wee mite, WE WILL meet our goal!
 20,000 views, $1 donation, $20,000, 1 day.
What is one of the first lessons your mother taught you when you were little?  Share! Share! Share!

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Or forward this email to your friends and email lists.

If you prefer not to give on Facebook, click HERE to give on St Tikhon’s Website. 

Yours very gratefully, in the Risen Christ,

Fr John

PS Thanks for helping.  $1 from many friends helps 43 students train to serve in the Orhtodox Church, and perhaps to be your future pastor!  Click the photo below to donate.