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18 November 2016 • Moscow, Russia

As part of the Jubilee Celebration marking the 70th birthday of His Holiness Kirill, patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press (SVS Press) released a collection of his writings, titled, Patriarch Kirill in His Own Words, on Friday, November 18, 2016. The new volume is laid out in an engaging “daily reading” format, and includes short excerpts from Patriarch Kirill’s homilies, media interviews, articles, and formal speeches, among other published talks and writings.

The book is Volume 7 of the Press’s Profile Series, edited by Archpriest Chad Hatfield, CEO of St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary, who was present in Russia for the occasion. SVS Press’s English-language version of the work was released simultaneously with a Russian-language version published by Ss. Cyril and Methodius Theological Institute for Post-Graduate Studies, as a joint publication venture.

The introduction to the book, written by His Eminence Hilarion, metropolitan of Volokolamsk and chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate Department for External Church Relations, states, in part: “This book allows the living voice of Patriarch Kirill to be heard in English for all American readers who want to listen…the Patriarch [conveys] the eternal gospel truths, the divine truth that remains unchanged, regardless of the external circumstances of the world.”

Within the body of his new work, Patriarch Kirill explains his vision for the Orthodox Church’s mission and public life, including an explication of the relationship between church and state, and his thoughts on the relationship between the Russian Orthodox Church and the Orthodox Church in America. He also offers counsel on internal spiritual warfare, that is, how to battle sinful passions and acquire Christian virtues amidst the temptations and distractions of twenty-first century life.

“I know this book will be an inspiring surprise to North American readers,” said Fr. Chad, “as Patriarch Kirill’s words were to me, when I first encountered them. It’s my joy to share his vision with the English-speaking world.”

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