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claire-postGreetings friends! (Berkeley greeting)

My name is Claire and I am one of your Blog Contributors this year! Yay online writing!

So…could you tell us a little more about yourself?

Well, I am a sophomore at UC Berkeley, studying Theater and Performance Studies and English. I L-O-V-E theater and its ability to create communities, just like what Orthodoxy does! If I am not in church, I am in the theater, and if I am not in the theater, I am in church.

Ooo! What’s Berkeley like? Do all the hippies hang out there?

Yes? But also….Berkeley is quite a hip-hoppin’ place. Since there are so many students from all over the world who attend the school, we have a pretty diverse group of people. Last year our OCF had two exchange students from Greece! It was ah-mazing to hear their international perspective on Orthodoxy, being an American group of students.

Nice, what makes you want to blog for OCF?

Overall, I think it is extremely important for Orthodox college students to see each other sending out their thoughts about their faith into the blog-o-sphere. More often than not, we think we are alone in the struggles we are dealing with at school: questioning our faith, explaining it to others, knowing how to defend it, etc. However, my posts this year will be focusing mainly on how we, as a student community, can work together to address these challenges we face in the secular world.

Why are you excited about OCF this year?

After serving as a counselor  at my Metropolis Camp this summer, Saint Nicholas Ranch in Dunlap, CA (Picture above taken at said place), I really felt called to dive into young adult ministry. The Bay Area Young Adult Ministry is thriving and I feel called to bring that same energy to all the OCFs I am able to affect and  you who is currently reading this blog post!

What now?

I will be contributing monthly to the OCF blog so look out for my articles as well as as ones from my fellows Contributors!

Have a great fall!

Peace out homeslice! (Typical Berkeley goodbye)

Claire is a sophomore at UC Berkeley studying Theater and Performance Studies and English. She currently attends Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in San Francisco. Her favorite Saint is Saint Pelagia the actress and when not in church or the theater, she likes to spend her time exploring San Francisco, reading plays, and eating sushi.

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