Daily Bread

Daily Orthodox Scriptures: June 16, 2021

The Song of Songs 5, 6; Psalm 135:16·26; Proverbs 29:13·18; Acts 2:1·21

The Path: June 16, 2021

Acts 23:1-11 John 16:15-23

Saint of the Day: St Tikhon (Tychon), bishop of Amathus in Cyprus (425)

He was born to pious Christian parents on Cyprus. Known for his piety and purity of life, he was became a clergyman, then was made Bishop of Amathus by St Epiphanios (May 12). He served faithfully as bishop in Cyprus for many years, finally reposing in peace. At this time there were still many pagans in Cyprus, and he worked tirelessly as a missionary among them, bringing many to the Faith. He was known as a wonder-worker from his youth. "His father was a baker, and whenever his father left him alone in the shop, he would distribute the bread to the poor without payment. His father reproached him once for doing this, so he prayed to God and their storehouse became so full of grain that they could open the door only with difficulty." (Prologue) Once he planted a dry slip from a grapevine, and it miraculously turned green and bore fruit. After his repose, on his feast day the vine would be laden with unripe grapes, as usual for this time of year; but during the Divine Liturgy, the grapes would become fully ripened.

The Morning Offering: The Will of God

Daily Orthodox Scriptures: June 15, 2021

The Song of Songs 3, 4; Psalm 135:1·15; Proverbs 29:7·12; Acts 1

The Path: June 15, 2021

Acts 21:26-32 John 16:2-13

Saint of the Day: Holy Martyr Lazar, Prince of Serbia (1389)

"He was one of the greatest men of Serbia who ruled the kingdom after king Dušan. Upon the death of King Uroš, Lazar was crowned King of Serbia by Patriarch Ephraim. He sent a delegation to Constantinople, including a monk called Isaiah, to plead for the removing of the anathema from the Serbian people. He went to war on several occasions against the Turkish Pasha, finally clashing with the Turkish king, Amurât, at Kosovo on June 15, 1389, being slain there. His body was taken to Ravanica near Cupria, a foundation of his, and buried there, but was later taken to New Ravanica in Srem. During the Second World War, in 1942, it was taken to Belgrade and placed in the Cathedral, where it is preserved to this day and offers comfort and healing to all who turn to him in prayer. He restored Hilandar and Gornjak, built Ravanica and the Lazarica in Kruševac and was the founder of St Panteleimon, the Russian monastery on the Holy Mountain, as well as numerous other churches and monasteries." (Prologue)

The Morning Offering: Substance & Shadow

Daily Orthodox Scriptures: June 14, 2021

The Song of Songs 2; Psalm 134:13·21; Proverbs 29:1·6; John 21

The Path: June 14, 2021

Acts 21:8-14 John 14:27-15:7