Daily Bread

Daily Orthodox Scriptures for Kids: October 1, 2022

Luke 8:26-39

Daily Orthodox Scriptures: October 1, 2022

Wisdom of Sirach 41, 42; Psalm 77:18·37; Proverbs 16:11·15; Ephesians 3

Saint of the Day: The Protection of Our Most Holy Lady the Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary

On October 1, 911, during the reign of Emperor Leo the Wise, an all-night vigil was being held at the Blachernae Church of the Mother of God in Constantinople, with many of the faithful crowding the church. St Andrew the Fool for Christ (commemorated tomorrow, October 2) was standing at the back of the church with his disciple Epiphanius. At around four in the morning, the most holy Theotokos appeared above the people, clothed in resplendent garments, surrounded by indescribable radiance, and holding a veil in her outstretched hands, as though to protect all the people. St Andrew said to Epiphanius 'Do you see how the Queen and Lady of all is praying for the whole world?' Epiphanius replied 'Yes, Father, I see it and stand in dread.' This wonderful event is recorded in Epiphanius' life of St Andrew. Because of it, the Church keeps an annual feast on this date.   Note: This feast is particularly well-loved in the Slavic churches. In 1960, the Greek church transferred its observance to October 28, in memory of the Mother of God's protection of the Greek forces holding the Albanian front against Italy in 1940. St Romanos the Melodist of Constantinople (556)

Daily Orthodox Scriptures for Kids: September 30, 2022

Luke 8:22-25

Daily Orthodox Scriptures: September 30, 2022

Wisdom of Sirach 39:12-40:30; Psalm 77:1·17; Proverbs 16:6·10; Ephesians 2

The Path: September 30, 2022

Ephesians 1:7-17 Luke 6:17-23

Watchful Eating: Narrow & Straight

In this episode, Fr. David discusses the narrow path of fasting

Saint of the Day: St Gregory the Enlightener, Bishop of Armenia (325/335)

He was a nobleman, related to the imperial houses of Persia and Armenia. When these two houses went to war with one another, Gregory withdrew to Caesarea in Cappadocia, where he heard the Gospel proclaimed and came to faith in Christ. There he also married and had two sons. After his wife's death he returned to his homeland and served in the court of Tiridates, king of Armenia. When the king discovered that Gregory was a Christian, he subjected the Saint to many tortures, finally having him cast into a pit full of mire and poisonous reptiles. But Gregory was miraculously kept alive in the pit for fourteen years, during which a widow secretyly provided for his needs. King Tiridates, still cruelly persecuting the Christians in his land, eventually went mad and became like a wild animal. In a dream, the king's sister was told that her brother would only be restored to sanity when Gregory was freed from the pit. This was done, and Gregory healed and baptised his persecutor. At the king's request, Gregory was made bishop of Armenia. As bishop he brought countless thousands to faith in Christ and is counted as the Enlightener of Armenia. In old age he retired into ascetical life, and reposed in peace.

Daily Orthodox Scriptures for Kids: September 29, 2022

Luke 8:19-21

Daily Orthodox Scriptures: September 29, 2022

Wisdom of Sirach 38:1-39:11; Psalm 76:11·21; Proverbs 16:1·5; Ephesians 1