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This story came to me from two different priests. After reading it, I found that it was definitely one to pass on to you. The Saints are truly wonderous in the Lord! Love in Christ… Fr. Stephen

“One day in Athens, Saint Porphryios was with a nun and needed to take a taxi. The taxi driver they found was an uncouth, blasphemous character. So, the nun said to Saint Porphryios: “Maybe we should find another taxi.” But he replied: “No, let’s go with this one, but let me do all the talking.” 

When they got in the taxi, the taxi driver started saying all kinds of things to them about how selfish priests are, how corrupt bishops are, etc. Saint Porphyrios didn’t say a word, and so neither did the nun. After going on and on for quite some time, the taxi driver started wondering why the priest and nun weren’t responding. So, he looked back at them and said: “So, priest, what do you have to say about all this I’ve said?” Saint Porphyrios replied:

“Well, let me tell you a story. There was once a very good priest in Crete whose wife had died and was living alone with his young son. But then the Nazis came and killed this priest. His son couldn’t understand how God would let this happen to such a good person, and so he became very embittered and angry with God.” 

At this point, the taxi driver stopped the car and in tears said to Saint Porphrios: “But, Father, that is my story.” After this, the taxi driver confessed to St. Porphyrios and began to live a spiritual life.”

+ from the Journal of Hieromonk Ephraim