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The Kakhovka Dam in Ukraine was destroyed in the early hours of 6 June 2023, causing extensive flooding along the lower Dnipro River in the Kherson Oblast.  The water from the dam flooded the area for miles, causing great loss of life and property.  The innocent civilians already living with daily bombings now faced an even greater threat – drowning, starvation, dysentery, etc.  While Ukrainian Rescue Forces quickly scrambled to assist, aided by civilians with boats, canoes, rafts who drove in from all over Ukraine to help rescue those stranded, they faced ongoing artillery from the Russian forces who shot at them even while undergoing rescue operations.

The already monumental number of Internally Displaced Persons grew even higher, as all those who were rescued began moving inland trying to find a place of safety.  The people of the Donbas and Kherson regions, like so many before them who were forced from their homes through bombings and terrorist acts, found themselves with the clothes on their backs and nothing more.  Mothers hugged their children, as grannies wiped at tears that had flowed for months on end.

Where to go?  How to survive?  What to eat?  Where to get clean drinking water?

They are not asking for much, just to live.