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Take a close look at the picture above. Clearly the ground depicts a dry and thirsty land where there is no water. One would think that this ground had not seen water in many, many days. Yet the photo was taken not far from my house just a couple of days after a good rain. The plants around my home begin to wilt within a day or two in this summer heat. There is definitely a spiritual truth in this for us to glean.

Hold that thought as we turn our attention to the miracle of Jesus feeding 5,000 men not including the women and children (Matthew 14:14-22). What an incredible miracle; one that again revealed Jesus to be God come in the flesh. All of those people, including the Apostles, much have had the minds blown by what they experienced that day. They were all full and satisfied. But, without a doubt, they all got hungry again the next day (check out John 6:26 – the crowds sought out Jesus because they wanted more food).

How often do we need food and drink? Great question during this fasting time! If this is true about physical food and water, why would we think it is different when it comes to spiritual food and drink. Do we really only need spiritual sustenance once a month, every two weeks, or even once a week on Sundays?

Our souls can easily look like that photo. It may recover on Sundays but it will never be a lush garden in the heat of our daily lives. Our souls can be refreshed each day by prayers, by reading the Holy Scriptures, by listening to good Orthodox podcasts and videos, by reading good devotional books, etc.

However, we need to beware of spiritual junk food and drink when it comes to podcasts, videos, and books. There are things out there that have Orthodox titles, even Orthodox clergy, in them, that titillate our tastebuds. Sadly, this type of junk food does little or nothing to help us grow in Christ, to become more and more like Him. Oh, it will taste so good and leave us wanting more (just like that bag of chips or candy), but it will not help us much on our journey toward Theosis.

May we think about the spiritual food and drink we are nourishing our souls with each day. May we not get caught up with the controversies and conspiracy theories of our day whether they be spiritual or political. May we seek that which will help us become more and more like our Lord Jesus Christ.