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On Friday, November 6, 2020, FOCUS Orange County helped feed our neighbors in need in a big way.  We borrowed a partner’s 40 foot refrigerated truck and driver, picked up 560 24-pound turkeys and pre packed boxes of food from the Orange County Food Bank, and delivered the food to over 30 churches, schools, shelters, apartment buildings, non-profits, and individuals throughout Orange County.  

We partnered with our contacts on our FOCUS Orange County email distribution list by asking them in an email to take the lead and inquire at their churches and organizations who might be in need of food (click here to view).  From the many requests that we received, the need was great.  The food was divided among the requests so that everyone who requested food received it.

On Friday, our day began at 7:30 am and ended close to 10:00 pm.  FOCUS staff and volunteers worked in conjunction with Waste Not Orange County’s staff.  Other FOCUS staff remained on call helping to coordinate the route, communicating with us and the organizations that would be receiving a delivery.  We mapped out our distribution locations and then hit the road.  We dropped off food in Garden Grove, Westminster, numerous stops in Anaheim and the same in Santa Ana.  We continued to Newport Beach, where we met up with FOCUS Founder Charles Ajalat to provide him food for several people he knew were in need.  Next, we drove to San Juan Capistrano, to San Clemente, and then to our final destination in Irvine.

We could not have accomplished this undertaking without the help of Mike Learakos from Waste Not OC and his wonderful staff.   Mike provided us the use of a refrigerated truck and a driver. I emailed Mike to compliment him on his staff the following day and to thank him for the help he provided FOCUS.  Mike emailed back…

“We are very lucky to have a dedicated staff committed to working with our partners of which FOCUS is one of our most treasured.   It is the least we can do in reciprocation of the help and support you have provided to us.”

Mike Learakos, Executive Director of Waste Not OC.

We also could not have done this undertaking without the continuous support of the Orange County Food Bank for the food they provide that allows FOCUS to help our neighbors throughout Orange County.

FOCUS Orange County is a local center of FOCUS North America, a national 501c3 nonprofit organization.

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