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On September 23, 2020, the Hon. Archie C. Brown of Washtenaw County Circuit Court, Ann Arbor, Michigan, awarded The Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America title to the property of Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox Monastery (a.k.a. Holy Ascension Romanian Orthodox Monastery). Although a hearing was scheduled for September 24, 2020, the Judge signed the order a day in advance and cancelled the scheduled hearing, since it was no longer necessary.

Excerpts from the Decision:

“IT IS ORDERED that in accordance with the March 19, 2019 decision of the Michigan Court of Appeals (COA Case Nos. 342844 and 342846), Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox Monastery, Adrian M. Lupu Leica, Holy Ascension Orthodox Christian Monastery, loan Irineu Duvlea, Sebastian Stefan Dumitrascu, and Dorian Canty have no valid claim of right or title to the real property commonly known as 15143 Sheridan Road, Clinton, Michigan 49236…

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that The Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America holds title in fee simple absolute to the Property pursuant to a warranty deed recorded on December 27, 2011…

This is a final order that resolves the last pending claim and closes this case. IT IS ORDERED.”

Thanks be to God!