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On 12-16 November, St. Sophia Ukrainian Orthodox Theological Seminary of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA hosted an iconography workshop for seminarians, clergy of the Church, and their wives. Full-time seminarians Yuri Bobko, Mykola Zomchak, Ihor Protsak, Yaroslav Bilohan, Oleh Kravchenko, Myroslav Mykytyuk, and Ivan Venhryn; part-time seminarian Deacon Evan and his wife Alice O’Neil as well as Fr. Anthony Perkins participated in the workshop which resulted in each student creating an icon of the Holy Archangel Michael. The leader of the workshop was an Mrs. Lynette Hull who has been a student of Prosopon School Iconology and Iconography for past 15 years. In 2004, Lynette discovered iconography by taking a class advertised in a local newspaper. This experience eventually led her not just to her current vocation, but into the Orthodox Church.