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On Tuesday, October 16, Fr. Lawrence Farley visited St. Tikhon’s Seminary as the first speaker in the annual Fall Lecture Series. In his lecture, Fr. Lawrence discussed the distinct yet complimentary roles of man and woman, as established in the Creation and Fall Narratives of the Book of Genesis, as well as the proper spiritual and theological understanding of relations between the sexes, particularly in Marriage. 

Fr. Lawrence’s presentation may be viewed in full here.

On October 23, Fr. Victor Gorodenchuk made his presentation, the second in the series. Beginning with a presentation of the conventional scientific account of the development of the universe and life on earth, Fr. Victor went on to demonstrate that a substantial amount of often-ignored evidence actually affirms the Biblical Narrative of the Creation and Great Flood, especially that the universe has its source in a Creator and Upholder: God. 

Fr. Victor’s presentation may be viewed in full here.