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St. Tikhon’s Seminary Mission Choir visited Three Saints Church to offer a concert on Sunday afternoon of December 10th.   The program was entitled “God With Us: Chants of the East and West for the Coming of Christ”, and featured the Mission Choir, plus members of the Chamber Choir of St. Tikhon’s Monastery, and was led by Benedict Sheehan, Director of Music.

The parish welcomed the Mission Choir with a wonderful luncheon served by Matushka Cindy Voytovich and parish faithful. Dress rehearsal followed, with the concert beginning at 4pm. Well over 100 people attended the concert, standing at the end to express their gratitude! Fr. Steven Voytovich, Seminary Dean, thanked all those attending for taking time out of the busy holiday season to come and listen to liturgical and para-liturgical music, keeping the focus of the coming of Christ during this holy season of preparation.

Following the concert was a reception, at which time Fr. Patrick Burns, Parish Priest and St. Tikhon’s Seminary Alumni President, announced that the parish had raised $10,000 for a seminarian scholarship! This action was inspired also in part by conversations that parishioners had with Fr. Steven, Seminary Dean, about the sacrifices that students make in coming to seminary. Steven Zavednak championed contributions by parishioners.

In addition, Fr. Patrick announced that over $4,000 was raised for the concert.! This came in part by generous contributions from sponsors: Wakelee Funeral Home, G.L. Capasso, Inc., Ralph Hull, Riverview, and Edward Adzima Funeral Homes, and Dr. Arnold Rivera. The Mission Choir wishes to thank parishioners assisting in preparing for this concert: Fr. Patrick and Mat. Mara Burns, Mat. Cindy Voytovich, Kathy Gruttadaria, Nancy Dudchik, Andrew and Lynn Hvizd, Nina Kosowsky, Council President, Subdeacon Paul Juzwishen, and others.