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In a newly released video, His Beatitude, Metropolitan Tikhon, urges the faithful to consider the ongoing work and ministry of the Church by contributing to the Stewards of the Orthodox Church in America on Sunday, November 19, 2017, which has been designated Steward Sunday.

“Stewardship is not just a matter for parish and diocesan action,” Metropolitan Tikhon explains.  “It’s personal…  Stewardship is really at the heart of our life and existence as Orthodox Christians.  Whether that’s in our own personal life, in our parish community, in our family, we are constantly sacrificially offering our small gifts so that we may receive the great gift that God gives to us.”

Parishes will be taking special collections on Steward Sunday to support the OCA’s ongoing ministries, while on-line donations are also being accepted with gratitude.

Become a Steward by making a secure on-line contribution today!

“I invite all of you to join me and the members of the Holy Synod in offering our small and humble gift to God so that God may bless us with the great work that we all do together as the Church,” Metropolitan Tikhon continues.  “We work through our parish ministries, through our diocesan work, and also through the work of our departments, as they assist our missions to grow, as they help our youth to gather and share their faith, and to support all the departments and all of us in the Orthodox Church in America.”


During the two weeks leading up to Steward Sunday, a series of articles—“Your Stewardship in Action”—has appeared on the OCA web site, in which the chairs of several of the Church’s ministry departments share their work while underscoring the connection between stewardship and ministry.

We ask that the faithful respond generously to this annual appeal “for the life of the world” and for its salvation.