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While the seminary was engaged in orientation for new and returning students, St. Tikhon’s Alumni came together for a series of events from Wednesday, August 30th through Friday September 1st.   Alumni Association leadership planned for an impromptu golf outing on Wednesday, followed by dinner.

On Thursday, alumni came together for lunch to meet new students. The Alumni Retreat then followed, with presentations by Drs. Ford.  Thursday’s seminar with Dr. Mary Ford, was focused on The Eternality of Marriage and A Case Study of Biblical Exegesis. Friday’s seminar with Dr. David Ford was titled:Sing to Your Soul” – A Festival of Wisdom on the Christian Life in the Writings of St. John Chrysostom. With special emphasis on dealing with despondency: the Letters of St. John Chrysostom to the Deaconess St. Olympia. A small group discussion followed the presentations, and all gathered at the Monastery Church to celebrate the beginning of the new liturgical year.

This is the second year that alumni have chosen to gather with returning students during orientation week. Among the highlights of this time together, the alumni hosted a barbecue on Thursday evening with opportunities for fellowship and sharing a meal together.

Fr. Patrick Burns, Alumni President said: We are grateful for our alumni returning home, both to celebrate their ongoing relationship to the seminary and monastery, and to assist new students in building this relationship as they begin their studies!”   May God bless the ministry of our seminary alumni who are serving around the world!