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 Statement of the Council of Bishops of the UOC of the USA

on the Most Recent Terrorist Attacks

Once again our neighborhoods, our country, the entire global community was hit recently with particular savagery and intensity – with extreme violence committed by those who spread terror through evil.

After the attacks of last a few weeks and days ago in Manchester and Kabul, after the attack in London last night and many others in these past months, including in Egypt and other countries, our country knows anew the pain of grief and must face the barbarism spread by fanatical groups.

This morning, as we celebrate the Life-Giving feast of Pentecost we pray, and invite all Christians of good will to pray, for those who were killed yesterday and for their families, for the injured and their loved ones and for those who are hard at work assisting them, for the police forces who face formidable challenges, and for our leaders and countries around the globe threatened by terrorist activity, so that together we will remain in unity and peace of heart.

Each life lost was a precious gift from God that has been torn from all those whom it touched. Faced with the violence of men, may we receive the grace of a firm heart, without hatred. Each life senselessly extinguished was a unique gift from God who filled family, friends, and loved ones with joy. Those precious gifts have been tragically stolen from all who are now in mourning and bearing immense burdens of sorrow and pain.

We ask the clergy and people of our Holy Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA to pray in a special way for all those killed, injured, suffering, and mourning as a result of these acts of evil. As we celebrate the descent of the Holy Spirit, let us remember that God is the source of love and life and ask Him to bring peace to our troubled world. 

+Antony, Metropolitan

+Daniel, Archbishop