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Anastasia knew she would love Hellenic College long before she arrived as a freshman in the fall, since her brother Theofanis, now a junior, was already here. “Theo said so many great things about the school, and I’ve always looked up to him.” Yet it was not an automatic decision for her to apply to Hellenic. Anastasia has a strong interest in theatre and, having directed plays at school back home in her small hometown of St. John, Indiana, she was pretty sure she would eventually want to study theatre seriously.

Yet other factors came into play as she thought about where she might go. “Everyone says that when you first start college and have a lot of freedom, it’s easy to kind of lose yourself in it. I wanted to be in a good environment where I could develop myself and my faith and set out on a good path.” So Anastasia enrolled at Hellenic for the aptly named Semester of Faith, in which students enrich their lives both academically and spiritually. She enjoyed the experience so much that she has stayed on for the spring semester.

But what about theatre? Anastasia shared her interest with Presvytera Chrysoula Kourkounti, HCHC’s Community Placement Coordinator, and soon found herself assistant teaching a children’s theatre group at The Footlight Club, America’s oldest community theatre, right near campus. “It’s a wonderful place and the kids are so much fun to work with,” she says.

Any advice for someone considering Hellenic College? “It’s very important to visit and experience the unique atmosphere here,” she stresses. You won’t get this feeling anywhere else.”

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