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We need to forgive each other. We need to be asking each other’s forgiveness, and not just today. It really is the Orthodox way to be asking forgiveness one of another all the time. So brothers, and sisters, let’s get serious about this forgiving. Let us ask the Lord to renew our hearts so that we will be both able, and willing to forgive (starting now, right here, this minute) everyone around here, and then more following a little bit later – but from the heart. 

Let us ask the Lord to enable this forgiveness to flow freely in our hearts starting right now. Let us ask Him that this forgiveness may have fulfillment when we approach His Table here. When He is, Himself, giving us Himself in His Body, and Blood, may this forgiveness multiply in His presence in us. It is by living in forgiveness that we will truly be able to live in love, and to demonstrate Christ in our lives. May the Lord give us the Grace to glorify Him always, everywhere, and in all things: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, now, and ever, and unto the ages of ages. Amen.”

In conclusion of the Liturgical services of the day, Vladyka Daniel anointed every parishioner with the oil from the Myrrh-Streaming Icon of the Birth-Giver of “the Tender Heart” and exchanged a kiss of peace and a request for forgiveness with each of the parishioners of the cathedral community and wished them spiritual strength as the Lenten journey started its course.

The day concluded with the annual meting of entire parish community of St. Volodymyr Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral (Chicago, IL) during which reports about the life of the parish were presented and a new parish board of administration was elected.