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Junior UOL Lock-In in Youngstown, Ohio

Junior Ukrainian Orthodox League Lock-in at Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Youngstown, Ohio 

A candlelight evening prayer service was held to begin the 25th annual Jr. UOL lock-in at Sts. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Orthodox parish in Youngstown, Ohio. The youth and young adult lock-in had over 75 people in attendance who gathered to spend an All-Night Vigil and time of fellowship with each other while reflecting upon the theme for the gathering – “You are the Light of the World”

Prior to the evening activities in the life of the parish, His Eminence Archbishop Daniel served Divine Liturgy of the Meat-fare Sunday of the Church Calendar, preparing the faithful of the community and numerous guests for the prayerful entrance into the Lenten season of the year. Welcoming the Eparchial Hierarch to the parish temple were representatives of the leadership of the parish community as well as numerous children dressed in their Ukrainian National outfits.

Very Rev. Fr. John Harvey, pastor of Sts Peter and Paul church called upon Vladyka Daniel to pray for the well being of the Faith community of Youngstown OH which is challenged by various social, economic and moral concerns.

In his sermon, His Eminence Archbishop Daniel made references to his college and Seminary days and the importance of preparation to Final tests, echoing the Gospel reading that was centered around the theme of Final Judgment. Vladyka called upon every individual in the congregation to re-examine their path of life and the challenges they face on the Faith journey, especially concentrating upon the implementation of their Faith into daily routine of life.

At the end of the Divine Liturgy a solemn commemoration for the lost heroes of Ukrainian Maydan took place at Sts Peter and Paul parish. Once again Vladyka Daniel spoke, reflecting upon his most recent trip to Ukraine and the ability to communicate with the rescue workers of the tragic events of 2014 and the delivery of Humanitarian Aid to the refugees of the ingoing conflict in Eastern Ukraine. MEMORY ETERNAL was chanted as Archbishop censed the Sacred Space of the Church and those in congregation, remembering the Heavenly Hundred – the souls of the first innocent victims of Ukrainian Maydan of 2014.

Following the veneration of the cross, the congregation partook in a delicious luncheon prepared by the parishioners of the parish family.

5:30PM…. Evening prayers concluded with over 80 people in attendance, who immediately processed to the Parish Hall for a brief Lock-In registration and a delicious dinner prepared by Joe and Stephanie Rimedio. 

Later in the evening, His Eminence Archbishop Daniel spoke with the group of Young Adults at the church in complete darkness, emphasizing on the importance of the light and the theme of the lock-in “You are the light of the world.” Vladyka made numerous references to practical aspects of how the young generation of Ukrainian Orthodox Christians can reflect the Light of Christ among the people in their community. It must be noted that the Evening talk attracted not only local parishioners of Sts Peter and Paul Ukrainian Orthodox parish, but also visitors from other local Orthodox parishes, Catholic communities and even Protestant church communities.

At about 9PM, Archbishop Daniel joined the youth and young adults bowling at a local bowling alley.  At 11:30 p.m. His Grace had a “question and answer” session just with the youth and young adults. After, they had an ice cream social and then continued to the free-time where they played basketball, board games, watched movies, and enjoyed each other’s company.  

After staying up all night, the youth participated in the First Hour service with Fr. John Harvey.  Breakfast was served to those in attendance as they were leaving to go home.

Ms. Ginny Ulbright, who closely worked with all parishioners, parents and volunteers to make the spiritual Retreat a day of Spiritual Renewal, chaired the Young Adult LOCK-IN event of 2017.

Junior UOL Lock-In in Youngstown, Ohio

Junior UOL Lock-In in Youngstown, Ohio – 02/22/17

Photos by Seminarian Hryhorii Matviiv and parishioners of Sts Peter and Paul UOC in Youngstown, OH

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