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on February 1-2, St. Tikhon’s celebrated the Feast of the Meetin of the Lord in the Temple.  Most all of the recently ordained seminarians participated in celebrating the Feast, that included the blessing of candles following the Divine Liturgy.  Classes are cancelled on major feast days so seminarians can fully particiapte in festal services.

Those seminarians who have been recently ordained have, as part of their formation supported by the St. Tikhon’s Monastery community, celebrate all the services in the course of the week:  Vespers and Matins or vigil in the afternoon, and Midnight Office and Divine Liturgy early in the morning (6am), unless feast days occur, where they serve Proskemedia and then concelebrate with clergy gatheirng for the feast.  

St. Tikhon’s Seminary is grateful to the monastery community for their continued active support of seminarians ordained while at seminary. 

Blessed Feast Day!