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Daniel Mot may be one of our newest students, but HCHC is not new to him. When he entered Hellenic College in early January, he already knew the campus well because his older brother, Sebastian, is a Holy Cross seminarian. “Every year, I’d drop him off in September,” says Daniel, “and loved the campus and the sense of community. And all of my brother’s friends were and are really great.”

Daniel is enrolled as a sophomore at Hellenic College, having spent his freshman year at SUNY Geneseo in upstate New York. Although that school is close to the family home in Rochester, where his father, Rev. Fr. Catalin Mot, is the Presiding Priest at Annunciation Church, it has over 5,000 students. “I wanted the same tight-knit friendships my brother has,” he recalls, “and it’s hard to have that at a big school.”

Daniel (L) and Sebastian (R) on Mount Athos 

So, knowing as much as he did about HCHC before transferring, has he been surprised by anything since arriving on campus as a student, not a visitor? “I wasn’t expecting everyone to be so friendly—and I mean everyone, not just the faculty and the people I’m taking classes with. That’s been a really nice surprise.”

And what does Sebastian have to say about Daniel’s decision to transfer to Hellenic? “To have my brother here for my last semester and to be able to see him grow, as I did, in such a great community brings me great joy.”

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