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Hellenic College seniors Ignatius Gardner and Tony Tsounakas are two of many students from HCHC who have volunteered at Bikes Not Bombs, a unique bike shop near campus that literally uses the bicycle as a vehicle for change. Volunteers refurbish donated bikes not only to be sold in the shop but also shipped to impoverished countries as an essential means of transportation. 

“One of the coolest things we did,” says Ignatius, “was learn how to fit hundreds of bikes in a single container for shipping to Central America. It was great to get a real sense of both the local and international impact of what they do.” Tony was also impressed by the ingenuity of the ‘flattening’ method they learned and says, “What we were doing there was such a small part of the whole operation, but anyone who works there makes a difference.” 

Bikes Not Bombs is just one of a number of local sites where students in Hellenic College’s Community Engagement course can fulfill both the requirement to perform volunteer service and Christ’s command to love our neighbors as ourselves. 

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