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Gift of Camp FAQ

Do you often find yourself looking for the perfect gift and just can’t find it? Do family and friends ask you what your child, grandchild, sister, brother, etc. may want as a gift and you aren’t quite sure what to say? We are very pleased to bring you an amazing gift – the Gift of Camp! Individuals are now able to purchase gift certificates for loved ones or for the youth/families in your parish. They may be purchased at any time during the year. So how does it work? Let us explain!How much are the gift certificates? They may be purchased for an entire registration amount or for any amount that can then be applied toward the registration total of the camper.Do the gift certificates expire? Yes. The gift certificates must be used for the summer year indicated on the certificate. Unused certificates may be returned for a full refund to the purchaser within 30 days of the end of the camping season (Labor Day). Certificates may also be transfered to another individual.Are they easy to purchase? Yes! They are ordered on-line and may be paid for by credit or check.How are they sent? During the ordering process, you will indicate if the gift certificate should be sent directly to the recipient or to you.Can they be purchased for any occasion? Yes! You tell us and we indicate your message on the certificate.What are the benefits of Giving the Gift of Camp? The benefits are infinite. Firstly, by providing someone the opportunity to grow closer to Christ, learn about and live the faith and gain life-long friends with similar beliefs. Secondly, many individuals are unable to attend due to financial constraints. The Gift of Camp aids in overcoming that obstacle. Lastly, sending faithful to camp helps to strengthen family and parish life. Campers come home ready for a closer relationship with God – we just need to be ready to foster that desire.Can they be used for all the camping sessions? Yes – they may be used by all camping sessions offered by the UOC Camping Ministry.

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