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In early August 2016, the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America released a new publication, “Twelve Facts About the Generosity of Our Church Members: Giving in US Orthodox Christian Parishes,” by Alexei Krindatch.  “Twelve Facts” is available on-line in PDF format.

The publication highlights some interesting and important findings from the 2015 national study, “Exploring Orthodox Generosity: Giving in US Orthodox Parishes.”

“Four hundred twenty-one parish clergy and 2, 988 lay church members representing all US Orthodox Churches participated in this study,” explains Mr. Krindatch.  “The size of the sample—nearly 3,500 respondents total—and representation of various Orthodox jurisdictions and US geographic regions makes this study the largest survey-based study of the Orthodox Christian Churches ever conducted in America.

“‘Twelve Facts’ offers numerous insights into how Orthodox Church members contribute to their parishes and what parishes can do to increase the generosity and donations of their members,” Mr. Krindatch added.  “Clergy and lay leadership will find the publication to be a helpful resource for their ministries.”

Mr. Krindatch serves as Research Coordinator for the Assembly of Bishops.