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Glory to God for All Things!

Our beloved series presenting the teachings of Our Father among the Saints, St. John Chrysostom – Sing to Your Soul – continues on Ancient Faith Radio.

Dr. David Ford, Professor of Church History at St. Tikhon’s Seminary, has been periodically partnering with our radio station, The Spirit of St. Tikhon’s, to bring his esteemed Chyrsostom series to a listening audience. This series presents a great opportunity to become acquainted with one of our Faith’s most cherished and venerated teachers. 

For sixteen centuries, St. John Chrysostom’s words have been regarded as exemplary expositions of true religion. It is our joy to share them with you in partnership with Dr. Ford, an academic deeply acquainted with St. Chrysostom’s life and thought.

You can find the podcast sessions HERE – along with previous episodes and material shared through The Spirit of St. Tikhon’s.