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The destruction of another beautiful area of our country has struck, with raging fires in Maui, Hawaii, forcing evacuations and causing widespread loss of homes and structures. There are three fires impacting various parts of Maui: Lahaina, Kula and Kihei, all of which are suffering as a result of an unprecedented meteorological event brought on by the high winds of Hurricane Dora running south of the Hawaiian islands, with the force of northeasterly trade winds multiplied by the hurricane’s rotation.

Much of Lahaina has been destroyed, with people losing their homes and livelihoods. Thirty-six deaths have been reported so far, and numerous injuries. There are yet many people unaccounted for, as the speed and intensity of this fire provided little time to escape to safety. People even drove on to the beach so they could take protection in the water from the fast moving flames, and were ultimately rescued by the US Coast Guard. (Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America).

Parishes and Faithful members of Romanian Orthodox Episcopate Parishes: A collection will be taken during the Divine Liturgy during the month of August, but you may also DONATE HERE (be sure to select/note: “Appeal: Hawaii Fires”). Make your donation today so that collected funds may be distributed through International Orthodox Christian Charities immediately to meet the urgent need. You may also send a check payable to ROEA, PO BOX 309, GRASS LAKE MI  49240-0309 with the notation: “Hawaii Fires.” Thank you!