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Protopresbyter Stephen Hutnick, Consistory Treasurer, reported on the financial status of the Church.  Things are tight everywhere including the Church, however, by the Grace of God and the generous donations of the faithful the Church continues to function, minister to the flock, hold educational and spiritual retreats, give aid to the needy, support the impoverished, and provide necessary aid to Ukraine in these troubled times.

The members of the Board were delighted to hear that parishes are flourishing and that the spiritual needs of the faithful are being met.  Clergy have reported increased attendance at their parishes, especially during Feast Day celebrations.  Parish Boards continue to support their parish priests, and work amicably with their parishioners to sustain and grow their parishes.  Additional good news came from groups of individuals living in remote areas who wish to gather for Divine Liturgy and have requested creating mission parishes.

The Saint Sophia Ukrainian Orthodox Theological Seminary is doing well, with a number of seminarians expected to graduate later this year, while new students are being interviewed.  The future clergy, trained at the Seminary, will be able to minister to the faithful of the Church successfully, being not only trained in Liturgics, but in Theology, Dogma and pastoral care.