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Сторадавній історичний храм XIV століття в Аусбургу, Німеччина

знову став храмом Української Православної Єпархії в Західній Європі

Ukrainian Orthodox Christians settled in Augsburg, Germany in 1946, establishing a parish community under the spiritual leadership of Fr. Ivan Kulchytskyi. Throughout the years, the parish community lived through numerous challenges and changes, moving to different church buildings, working closely with the local Christian communities, always seeking a permanent location for the pious Ukrainian Orthodox community. The Russian aggression in Ukraine sparked a new wave of immigrants that arrived in Germany, seeking safety and peace. The 77-year-old community became invigorated by the new membership of faithful that seek comfort in a spiritual way of life, praying for the peace and stability of their ancestral homeland.

The Ukrainian Orthodox Eparchy of Western Europe of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Diaspora, since the beginning of the World War II, and even before the start of the war, has always nurtured the spiritual mindset of the people of Ukrainian descent in Europe. Generations of Ukrainian Orthodox Christians journeyed through Germany, Belgium, France and other European countries, often finding homes in the United States of America, Canada, South America, Australia and New Zealand. Generations of clergy have served the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Diaspora, establishing lasting connections between Ukrainian Orthodox Christians throughout the world. In 1995, the hierarchs, clergy and faithful of the UOC in Diaspora – under the spiritual leadership of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, renewed their efforts caring for the spiritual health and wellbeing of a new generation of Ukrainian Orthodox Christians that found themselves outside of their ancestral homeland.