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In 2006, the Orthodox Church in America partnered with Insurance Systems Group, Inc., to establish the OCA Group Affiliation Program (GAP). Underwritten through GuideOne Insurance Co., the GAP Program offers benefits not found elsewhere, including excess property protection for catastrophic losses and potential to earn loss control bonus (premium return) when the Group is profitable.The Herzak’s – Michael (Mickey) and his two sons Mike Jr. and Dan – of Insurance Systems Group, Inc., have recently recently delivered a check in the amount of $37,186.00 to His Beatitude Metropolitan Tikhon from a special Loss Control Benefit within the OCA’s Group Affiliated Program, which signifies group profitability.This is the sixth time a Loss Control bonus has been earned and now totals $200,017 since its inception. As done in the past, the funds will be distributed back to member parishes relative to premiums paid annually.

Insurance Systems Group explained, “This voluntary program was established in 2006 to assist the OCA by offering special insurance benefits to participating OCA parishes, institutions, and organizations… the GAP Rewards, a Loss Control Bonus for reduced claims within the group, is the cherry on top. When participating churches work to prevent and reduce claims, they can earn this bonus.”

The GAP also includes coverage enhancements that gives 25% more property coverage subject to a $1,000,000.00 maximum at no additional charge, unique coverage for iconography, Sexual Misconduct Liability, Directors and Officers (trustees) Liability, Religious Expressions Liability, and more.Insurance Systems Group also said “While Orthodoxy remains consistent, society and laws change regularly. We want to be on top of those changes to ensure our Orthodox churches are protected.”

GuideOne Insurance of West Des Moines, IA, is the one of the largest writers of churches and related institutions in the country.

Insurance Systems Group, Inc. is a broker of property and casualty insurance to Orthodox churches of all jurisdictions in the U.S. The Herzak’s are unique in that they are Orthodox Christians who understand both the distinctive attributes of Orthodox churches and the coverage ramifications of insurance.