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The OCA Department of Christian Education has released a series of lessons, suitable for Pre-K through 5th Grade, entitled “Let Your Light So Shine.” In the lessons, students explore Bible stories that show how God loved them, how God is trusted, how He protects us, and finally how He entrusts us to spread His word to the world. The leading theme throughout each lesson is light and letting the light of Christ in us shine, based on the words of the Savior recorded in Matthew 5:16.

The unit material can be utilized in one of three ways: as a four to five-day Vacation Church School curriculum, as a month-long Church School unit, or each lesson can be used on its own.

Each lesson is written with clear instructions for the teacher. The lessons are created to be highly interactive using activities and crafts which are attractive to young students and enable learning more effectively than paper exercises.

You can find each lesson in the entire unit here:

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