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At the upcoming 20th All-American Council scheduled to be convened in Baltimore, MD on July 18-22, 2022, delegates will be asked to vote on the following positions:

Metropolitan Council
3 Clergy members
3 Lay members
2 Alternates (1 Clergy and 1 Lay)

Pension Board
2 Clergy members
2 Lay members
2 Alternates (1 Clergy and 1 Lay)

Nominations for these positions are accepted by the Nominating Committee starting today, June 23, and will also be accepted at the Council by and no later than Great Vespers on Tuesday, July 19.

In order to facilitate the work of the Nominating Committee and allowing delegates to consider their vote for these church-wide positions carefully, the Preconciliar Commission encourages nominations to be submitted prior to the beginning of the Council. To that extent, a preliminary list with attached biographies will be posted on on Monday, July 11. On Wednesday, July 20, before Plenary Session III, an updated list of nominees will be published on the website with attached biographies. That same morning, as they enter the ballroom for Plenary Session III, delegates will receive a hard copy of the final list of nominees but only the biographies received after July 11. This is done in the effort to minimize the use of paper.

Nominations are accepted only when received with the completed FORM which includes some brief biographical and professional information of the candidate.

Self-nominations are allowed. Verbal or written consent of the nominee must be received by the Nominating Committee before the name is added to the slate of candidates.

Please note that Article III, Section 4(g) of the Statute of the Orthodox Church in America provides that the members of the Metropolitan Council are elected “from among the All-American Council delegates” which would require that they be attendees. Section 4(h) does not contain this restriction for the Pension Board who are not required to be present at nor delegates to the All-American Council.

Elections for the Metropolitan Council and Pension Board will be held on Thursday, July 21, at Plenary Session IV.

All those interested in running for one of the positions stated above are asked to carefully review the Statute of the Orthodox Church in America, and especially Articles III (The All-American Council) and V (The Metropolitan Council) to learn about responsibilities, terms, and requirements of these positions. Interested individuals are also encouraged to speak with current members of the Metropolitan Council and Pension Board to learn more about these positions.