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Youth at the 19th AAC in Saint Louis, MO

A robust and inspiring youth program is planned for the 20th All-American Council in Baltimore, MD, July 17 – 22.  Youth planning to participate and adults seeking to help at the event are asked to register here.

The council provides youth with a unique experience to see the whole church in action.  The whole synod of bishops, the clergy, and the faithful all come together to help build up the church here in North America.  The youth will get a chance to witness the event and also have and be provided with fellowship, education, worship, and service opportunities. 

Fellowship and faith among their peers was particularly noted at the last council.  The program director stated that “never before in his entire life of youth ministry has he seen such an amazing force of faith and love.  These youth… these kids are singing the Pashcal hymns and the beautiful chants that our church has to offer as they sit on the bus and walk through the halls of the hotel.  They are filling the air with joyful praises to God.  Look what can happen if we bring them together.  We need to keep providing these opportunities.” 

The youth will get the chance to attend educational sessions and workshops each day as well as go on afternoon outings including Six Flags, the National Aquarium, and other places.  They will have their own brunch with the Holy Synod of Bishops as well as participate in workshops with International Orthodox Christian Charities [IOCC] and Orthodox Christian Mission Center [OCMC]. 

Please check out the youth presentation video that was created at the last All-American Council. You can see that these children need each other and witness the fullness of the Church.  Many come from small parishes with a handful of youth.  Here at the council, they witness the strength and witness of the Orthodox Church in America and it can be a turning point in their lives.  We have seen it happen in the past.  Let’s give them all the opportunity to shine like Vessels of Grace, the theme of the council.  For more information about the program please contact Father Benjamin Tucci, program director, at