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In accordance with Article III, Section 5.b of the Statute of the Orthodox Church in America, the Preconciliar Commission has established a Resolutions Committee in preparation for the upcoming All-American Council.

The Committee, chaired by Archpriest Timothy Sawchak, is prepared to receive proposed resolutions for consideration starting Monday, May 16, 2022. While resolutions can be made during a plenary session, parishes and other Church bodies—deaneries, dioceses, stavropegial institutions—are encouraged to submit proposed resolutions in advance to facilitate the work of the Resolutions Committee.

When receiving a proposed resolution, if necessary, the Resolutions Committee will discuss possible editorial changes with the submitting body or will consolidate multiple resolutions into a single resolution if essentially the same. If, in the estimation of the Committee, a proposed resolution clearly lies outside the competence of the All-American Council, whether on canonical grounds or in conflict with the OCA Statute, the Committee will inform the submitting body appropriately, or refer the matter to the Holy Synod. If a proposed resolution is determined to lie outside the competence of the All-American Council, the Committee, in consultation with the Holy Synod and the proposing body, will consider alternative ways of bringing issues underlying the proposed resolution to the attention of the All-American Council.

In order to facilitate the work of the Committee, the Preconciliar Commission strongly encourages resolutions to be submitted before the beginning of the Council.

The relevant resolution submissions should be sent via email to or via mail to the Resolutions Committee, 20th All-American Council, c/o Chancery of the Orthodox Church in America, PO Box 675, Syosset, NY 11791.The members of the Resolution Committee are:

Archpriest Timothy Sawchak, Diocese of the Midwest, CHAIR
Archpriest Herman Kincaid, Diocese of the Midwest
Protodeacon Jesse Isaac, Archdiocese of Canada
Anna Miller, Archdiocese of Canada
Sophia Sokolov, Diocese of the West
Michael Herzak, Stavropegial Institutions
Mark Linnehan, Diocese of Eastern Pennsylvania