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stm music

Registration is now open for the November retreat of the Saint Tikhon’s Monastery Music Program. The retreat will begin with a presentation of the fundamental principles of vocalization, including a sequence breathing and warm-up exercises that singers can take home to use in their routine practice. Participants will experience how pitch is used expressively in English through an exploration of conversation, poetic and dramatic reading, and finally chanting. Then participants will receive individual coaching on how to apply those principles to various kinds of church singing or chanting.

Coaching will address balancing the needs of the ensemble with the health of your individual voice, while creating a beautiful worship experience for listeners. During coaching sessions participants may bring prepared solo repertoire or select from a provided set of hymns that represent a range of vocal demands present in contemporary Orthodox liturgical practice. The retreat will conclude with a showcase recital where participants can share what they’ve learned and enjoy a reception and fellowship.

In-person tuition $275; audit virtually $150; students $75.

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