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With the start of a new school year, it is our pleasure to welcome a new class of students onto the campus of St. Tikhon’s Seminary. It is a larger class than we have seen in a while, and they come from a variety of backgrounds, regions, and sets of experience. Also, as we begin a somewhat normal school year, after the disruption of quarantining and online schooling, we look forward to continuing long-held traditions of St. Tikhon’s, while taking this unique opportunity to adapt the school to our ever-changing world.

This year, we welcome:
Micah Breland and his wife Rachel,
MK Chang and his wife Doris,
Phillip Dage,
John Easo,
Gregory Fedorchak and his wife Christina,
BenjaminGarcia, his wife Casey, and their children,
Jordan Kingery, his wife Vanessa, and their children,Reader Damian Kulp, his wife Lilliana, and their child,
Caleb Lewis and his wife Tabitha,
Basali Mathew and his wife Shawny,
Nicola Nunu,
Michael Pak and his wife Carlyn,
Timothy Paproski and his wife Hailey,
Reader Kevin Pimpinelli,
Deacon Ambrose (Charles) Powell and his wife Margaret,
Reader Seraphim (Josh) Robertson, his wife Lena, and their children,
Mark Solomon and his wife Alana,
Mark Tiitinen,
Luke Wagner,
Jonathan York, his wife Korrine, and their children,
Jacob Zawatski and his wife Olivia.


By Deacon Ignatius Strange