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OCF March 2021 Highlights

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march 2021

OCF is here

providing college students with more opportunities to encounter Jesus Christ through programs, resources, and fellowship with one another.


Spiritual Wake-Up

Launched on March 16th, the new Spiritual Wake-Up program creates a community of prayer within OCF where students can grow and learn together throughout the Lenten season. 

Throughout Lent, registered students will wake up to a text containing a prayer, quote, or journaling prompt which 100 other students, any number of miles away, also receive! Students are also paired up with prayer partners for the duration of the program. 

The goal of the program is to connect students to each other and Christ with resources for growth, reflection, and a purposeful wake-up each day throughout the Lenten season.

applications are open for the


Every year, OCF is led by a team of talented students who take on leadership positions in Orthodox campus ministry. The SLB works with staff and clergy volunteers to implement the programs of OCF, advise and inspire their peers on campuses, and develop new resources and programs for college students.

Why Apply?



Rice University

“I had no idea what this year would look like due to the pandemic, but I am so glad I took the leap and applied for my position. Joining the SLB helped me experience love and support in more ways than I knew existed. My experience with OCF has been amazing so far, and I hope others can benefit from this organization as much as I have. APPLY!!!”



Rutgers University

“SLB has made me a better student, friend, Orthodox Christian, and individual! Serving on the student leadership board has strengthened my time management and communication skills! I find it much easier to stay on top of my responsibilities as a student and EMT as I’ve learned to maximize my time to ensure everything gets done immediately!” 



Kansas State University

“The SLB is an answer to praying in bringing me a community who supports me in my work and who I can be my authentic self around. I know I could call up anyone on the board, and they would be there for me to listen or help in any way. I love everyone I have met so much, and I know these people care about me deeply! Every person puts their whole heart into their work and wants to create a beautiful experience for their fellow students.”

OCF March 2021 Blogs

I Don’t Know How to Pray: A post about prayer that’s actually about journaling

I Don’t Know How to Pray: A post about prayer that’s actually about journaling

Sometimes, trying to pray feels like trying to draw the rest of the owl.

Luckily, there’s a great tool to help you move forward: journaling!

Many people use journaling as a means of self reflection. Writing down my thoughts helps me “be still” while still allowing my mind to flow. You may find this to be helpful as well. 

If you like, begin your entry with the date and a prayer of thanksgiving. God, I am thankful for this. God, I am thankful for that. Also thank you for my friends. Etc., etc., et. al. This helps you begin with a good mindset.

OCF April 2021 Highlights

Christ is Risen!Brand New! Holistic Living Guide A guide for Orthodox Christian College students to live better in body, mind, community, and spirit. The Holistic Living Guide includes articles, journal topics, and activities students can explore on their own or as a…

Finding Gratitude in Perseverance

Finding Gratitude in Perseverance

Last summer looked abnormal for me, as it did for everyone I knew. In the span of a week, I
had been sent home from my freshman year of college on an “extended spring break,” was told
I would not be able to study abroad in Italy, summer church camp, and the Parish Life
Conference were canceled, and I couldn’t physically be with my friends and family. Even
though I was FaceTiming my friends multiple times a day and had more family time than ever
before, I felt alone.

April District Retreats

Students coming together with their peers for a day of fellowship, learning, service, and prayer. 


columbus to lexington

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