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The Department of Liturgical Music and Translations is expanding offerings to support the liturgical life of parishes and missions., Project Manager for the Departments of the Orthodox Church in America, noted, “The DLM is committed to providing open access to free resources, ensuring that clergy and church musicians have the music and texts they need to sing the Divine Services. We are responding to numerous requests to equip parishes and missions with comprehensive and high-quality materials. We look forward to continuing to serve the needs of the Church.”

Newly posted resources include:

  • Complete rubrics for the upcoming Saturday evening/Sunday morning cycle of services. This will be expanded to include great and vigil-ranked feasts.
  • Horologion service texts (in progress).
  • Resurrectional Ochtoechos Troparia, Kontakia, and Dismissal Theotokia are now available in each tone in Thee/Thou and You/Your formats; “Lord, I Call” Resurrectional stichera for Saturday evening Vespers are available in both formats; Resurrectional Aposticha stichera for Saturday evening Vespers are in progress.
  • Ongoing production of Menaion troparia into Thee/Thou format.
  • Three settings of “Open to Me the Doors of Repentance…” have been added to the Lenten Triodion music page, under “The Publican and the Pharisee”.
  • Choir Director’s Preparation seminars for Great Lent and Pascha led by Dr. Vladimir Morosan.

Continued resources include:

  • Texts for liturgical services for every Sunday and many weekdays, including additional services for Lent—Sunday evening Vespers; Wednesday evening Presanctified; Friday evening Presanctified and Vespers alone, both of which include the materials for Saturday Divine Liturgy.

Planned resources include posting the available texts of the Octoechos, Menaion, Pentecostarion, and Triodion for year-round access.

The ongoing work and new projects of the Departments of the Orthodox Church in America support parishes and missions in their important ministries. Your prayerful financial support is needed to expand available resources. Go to to learn how you can become a part of the Stewards of the OCA.