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The September 30, 2019, Order of the Michigan Supreme Court, Lansing, Michigan, in the case of the Episcopate vs. Holy Ascension Monastery, Holy Trinity Monastery, Adrian Lupu-Leica, Dorian Conty, Sebastian Stefan Dumitrascu and Ioan Irineu Duvlea, states: “On order of the Court, the application for leave to appeal the March 19, 2019 judgment of the Court of Appeals is considered, and it is DENIED, because we are not persuaded that the questions presented should be reviewed by this Court.”

In March 2019, the “Monastery” filed an appeal of the Michigan Court of Appeals decision which awarded the property of Holy Ascension/Holy Trinity Monastery to the Episcopate. The Supreme Court’s decision upholds that judgment. Although the case has effectively reached its conclusion in favor of the Episcopate, the “Monastery” and named parties have the right to ask the Michigan Supreme Court to reconsider its decision.