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On Friday evening, July 19, 2019, Dr. David spoke at Holy Assumption Orthodox Church (OCA) in Canton, Ohio, where St. Tikhon’s Seminary graduate Fr. John Kennerk is the rector. Dr. David spoke on “Marriage in the Fathers through the Centuries”, using an article in the book he helped to edit, called Glory and Honor: Orthodox Christian Resources on Marriage (St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 2016). 

Then, the next evening, after a brief visit to the St. Gregory Palamas Orthodox Monastery in Hayesville, Ohio, he spoke at St. Gregory of Nyssa Orthodox Church (OCA) in Columbus, Ohio, where Fr. Stephen Frase, another St. Tikhon’s graduate, is the rector. For this talk, Dr. David spoke on “Dealing with Despondency through the Letters of St. John Chrysostom to St. Olympia”. Dr. David has translated, in a first-time full English translation, all 17 of these wise, powerful, and tremendously inspiring letters, all written by St. John to his best friend and confidante, St. Olympia the Deaconesse, as he was enduring histotally unjust exile. The translation also was published by St Vladimir’s Seminary Press in 2016, as part of their Popular Patristics Series. 

Dr. David remarked, “It’s always a greay joy to visit parishes where the priest is one of our St. Tikhon’s graduates, to see them in action, to reconnect with them and their families, and to share with and get to know some of their parishioners. May all our alumni and their families and parishioners be flourishing wonderfully in our Lord Jesus!’