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met tikhon

In a message posted to social media yesterday, His Beatitude, Metropolitan Tikhon issued the following statement in response to the tragic shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio.

Once again we awaken to learn of yet more senseless loss of life due to gun violence. This morning we are reading of a mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio, and yesterday in El Paso, Texas. Last evening there also was loss of precious life due to gun violence in Chicago, New York, and Detroit.

We entreat our all merciful Lord to send his mercy on the victims and their families, on the first responders, on all who have suffered because of gun violence, wherever that may be.

I reiterate the message I wrote to President Trump last February: With increasing frequency we are confronted in our cities, towns, and neighborhoods by evil, conflict, sorrow, ignominy, and death. As Orthodox Christians, we understand that these are realities of human existence, and our communities are committed to maintaining the sanctity of all life through our efforts to reach out and minister to all, to bring healing, and to instill peace. But we also require the active contribution of our civil authorities in stemming the onslaught of tragedy that faces our nation.

May our Lord Jesus Christ continue to look favorably upon prayers and grant His peace and wisdom to all who struggle to make sense of the world in which we live. Lord have mercy.

The text of Metropolitan Tikhon’s February 22, 2018 letter to President Trump is available here.