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The Fellowship of Orthodox Christians in America [FOCA] is planning a variety of programs for the spring and summer of 2019.

Founded as the Federated Russian Orthodox Clubs [FROC] in 1927, today’s Fellowship of Orthodox Christians in America is an official organization of the Orthodox Church in America.

  • May 17-19:  The 2019 FOCA National Bowling Tournament will be hosted by the Vladicon O Club of Saint Andrew Church, Baltimore, MD.  Information and registration forms are available online.
  • June 15 deadline:  Now is the time to apply for scholarship available through the FOCA’s Educational Financial Aid Program.  Details and applications are available online.
  • July 7-13: Information on the 2019 National Junior Summer Sports Tournament (Junior Olympics) will be available in the weeks ahead on the FOCA website
  • July 22 deadline: All Orthodox youth are invited to participate in the FOCA’s 2019 Celebrations of Faith contest.  This year’s theme is “What Does Jesus See When He Looks at Me?”  Youth may create and submit entries in the areas of literature, musical composition, photography and the visual arts.  Information is available online.
  • July 26-27: The 2019 National Summer Sports Tournament (Golf) will be hosted by the Canonsburg O Club of Saint John the Baptist Church, Canonsburg, PA.  Further information will be available on the FOCA website in the weeks ahead.
  • August 30—September 3: As reported earlier, the FOCA’s 93rd Annual National Convention will be hosted by the Ohio District in Columbus, OH.  Detailed information is available online.