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study guide

A Study Guide for Metropolitan Tikhon’s Of What Life Do We Speak: Four Pillars For The Fulfillment Of The Apostolic Work Of the Church has been released and is now available free of charge in PDF format for downloading.

The Study Guide—prepared to enhance the use and study of the book—will prove to be especially helpful in adult class settings and in personal study and reflection.

Metropolitan Tikhon’s Of What Life Do We Speak? made its debut at the 19th All-American Council of the Orthodox Church in America, held in Saint Louis, MO in July 2018.  Since its release, it has become a popular resource in adult classes and study groups in many parishes and deaneries.  The Study Guide—written in response to the growing number of requests for supplementary materials in this regard—contains reflections, a wealth of focused questions and discussion starters, and numerous related resources.

We hope that the Study Guide will prove most helpful in furthering Metropolitan Tikhon’s vision for the growth of the Orthodox Church in America as outlined in Of What Life Do We Speak?.