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On January 24 – 26, 2019, our Dr. David C. Ford, Professor of Church History, participated in the Ninth Annual Symposium of the Eighth Day Institute, held in Wichita, Kansas, in connection with the celebrated Eighth Day Bookstore.  The various events of the three-day symposium were held at St. Mary’s Antiochian Orthodox Church in Wichita, and at the Eighth Day Bookstore in that same city.

Dr. David was honored to lead a plenary session on “An Orthodox Theology of Eros, Sexuality, and Marriage in the Vision of St. John Chrysostom,” as well as leading a workshop on “The Eternality of Marriage.”  He also gave some brief reflections on the Life of St. Mary of Egypt at the Banquet on Friday evening.

Dr. David says he was especially blessed by the very grateful response he received to the quotations he shared from St. John Chrysostom on the glory and beauty of marriage in all its aspects, especially when it is lived in communion with Christ.

Here is the official announcement of the event: eighth-day-symposium-2019/