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As 2018 comes to a close, the Orthodox Christian Mission Center [OCMC] is happy to announce its schedule of short-term mission teams for the coming year.

These teams serve as a great way to not only contribute one’s talents to the growth of Orthodoxy worldwide, but also to gain some incredibly valuable experiences.  Consider signing up individually or as a group for one of the teams listed below.  For more information or to register visit OCMC’s web site.


  • March 1-10, 2019: Tirana, Albania—Experience the growth and vibrancy of the Church in Albania by participating in events that focus on the youth ministries of the Church. This team will be a collaborative effort with Orthodox Christian Fellowship’s Real Break and will be led by Deacon Stephanos Ritsi, OCMC long-term missionary.
  • June 19-July 1, Shen Vlash, Albania—Make a difference in the life of a young person this summer by being a part of an annual camp at the Children’s Home of Hope, located on the seminary grounds of historic Shen Vlash. The children at the Home of Hope are raised in an Orthodox environment and look forward to this team every year. The team will be planned by OCMC missionary Pamela Barksdale.


  • November 8-17, Aguacate, Guatemala—Provide healthcare and education in Aguacate, a predominately Mayan region of northern Guatemala. Show the love of Christ by sharing your talents as a healthcare provider at the Father Andres Giron Clinic. The team will be led by OCMC long-term missionaries.


  • June 24-July 6, Indonesia—Assist the Orthodox Church in Indonesia with its ongoing mission by being part of a youth and family-focused ministry in Singaraja, Bali. Teach about the Orthodox Christian faith and understanding of spirituality, prayer, family life, and fellowship while providing a visible witness of the faith.
  • July 1-13, Medan, Indonesia—Teach the faith at three Orthodox schools that are planting the seeds of Christianity in North Sumatra, where Islam is a majority religion. Offer catechism to the faithful in Medan.


  • August 7-17, Kingston, Jamaica—Be a part of the second Orthodox mission team to Jamaica that will offer a Vacation Bible School and encourage the faithful who are experiencing a thirst for Orthodoxy and desire for a vibrant Church. Team will be led by Father Anthony Salzman.


  • March 15-26, Butali, Kenya—Touch the lives of orphaned children by leading a camp program for the Saint Tabitha Children’s Home in the Diocese of Kisumu and Western Kenya. This team will bring joy and hope by offering a fun-filled, faith-based camp.
  • July 17-29, Mugeni, Kenya—Assist with construction at the Saint Athanasius Orthodox Secondary School in the remote village of Mugeni in the Diocese of Kisumu and West Kenya. Help build the foundation of Orthodoxy by providing facilities that will prepare students for future studies.
  • August 10-19, Kisumu, Kenya—Be part of a vibrant women’s ministry in the Diocese of Kisumu and Western Kenya. This diocese retreat brings women from different tribes and regions together for learning, fellowship, and spiritual growth.
  • August 28-September 7, Kisumu, Kenya—Provide healthcare and health education in the Nandi region of western Kenya. The Orthodox Church in this region has a holistic ministry which includes vibrant churches, schools, and healthcare outreach. Healthcare professionals are needed.
  • December 8-17, Kisumu, Kenya—Contribute to youth ministry efforts of the Diocese of Kisumu and Western Kenya at a conference for youth leaders and young adults. Individuals with teaching and/or youth work experience are encouraged to apply.
  • December 8-17, Nyeri, Kenya—Contribute to youth ministry efforts of the Diocese of Nyeri and Mount Kenya at a conference for youth leaders and young adults. Individuals with teaching and/or youth work experience are encouraged to apply.


  • July 18-24, Building a Home for Missions—Enjoy a week of work, witness, and fellowship while learning the importance of sharing the Orthodox faith and the responsibility of building up the Church in a cross-cultural setting. Mornings and evenings will be accompanied by inspiring reflections and presentations by OCMC staff and missionaries. Project Mexico is partnering with OCMC to build homes while introducing youth and young adults to the Orthodox vocation of international missions.
  • August 10-17, Vera Cruz, Mexico—Offer youth and adult catechism, experience worship services, and encourage the faithful in Zapote Bravo, Pisa Flores, and San Esteban. Team will be led by Father Antonio Perdomo. Spanish-speakers are requested.


  • October 23-November 4, Stockholm, Sweden—In this era of postmodernism, the youth of Sweden are looking to the Church for truth. Be a part of this first team to Sweden and encourage the faithful in their Orthodox walk by leading a youth retreat.


  • July 6-14, Appalachia—Help families in need through a home repair mission trip with the Orthodox Youth Mission Team to Appalachia this summer.  Live in a community with other Orthodox youth and follow your missionary vocation right here in the USA.
  • July 22-31, OCA Yukon Deanery, Alaska—This annual camp, near Pilot Station, teaches Yupik Alaskan traditions and the Orthodox faith. This is an opportunity to encourage and teach youth about the Orthodox faith in the beautiful Lower Yukon. Team will be hosted by Father Stephen Heckman.