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From Monday, August 20, through Friday, August 24, 2018, St. Tikhon’s was privileged again to host Mrs. Shelley Finkler, from Anchorage, Alaska, who is a trainer for the Level 1 (3-6 yr. olds) of the outstanding Christian Formation Program for children called the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd; she is one of the few Orthodox Christians certified by the official national CGS organization.  We had 6 participants who completed the intensive week of training, thus earning their certification for teaching children 3-6 yrs. old in this program.  

There were 5 others who were able to complete the first part of the training (which the 6 had completed the previous year).  And there were various others who sat in for portions of the training program, thereby gaining their first exposure to CGS.  

As always, it was a time commitment well worth the effort!  The training, which involves not only lectures, but also hands-on working with and making materials, is not only necessary for being able to present this program successfully to the children, but it’s also very personally inspiring and enriching for the participants.

Thanks to all involved for a very edifying experience!


Article by Dr. Mary Ford

Associate Professor of New Testament

St. Tikhon’s Orthodox Seminary

South Canaan, PA