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svs press

Saint Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary [SVOTS] has announced a job opening for a full-time Managing Director of Marketing and Operations for Saint Vladimir’s Seminary [SVS] Press.

The Press Managing Director leads the strategic vision for both the operation of SVS Press and marketing and sales of product.  The Managing Director also supervises SVS Press and Bookstore operations, represents SVS Press at conferences and trade shows, develops marketing materials for Press products, establishes agreements, maintains distribution networks, and works to meet sales goals and maintain the presence of SVS Presence in the book publishing industry.

Additional information about the job requirements and application procedures are available on the seminary’s website.

Celebrating its 50th year in 2018, SVS Press is the largest and most active publisher of Orthodox Christian books in the English language, with more than 400 titles in print.  It has achieved a reputation for permitting a free expression of ideas within the breadth of the Orthodox faith, tradition, and history, while insisting on works of theological excellence.

In addition to titles about theology, history, ecclesiology, ecumenism, hagiography, iconography, spirituality, scriptural studies, music, pastoral theology, Christian education, philosophy, biography, and Patristics, SVS Press produces children’s books, CDs, video and audio programs, and greeting cards.  The publication and distribution of quality Orthodox Christian material, both on the scholarly and popular levels, is the primary mission of SVS Press.