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In an effort to assist delegates from the Dioceses of Alaska and Mexico participate in the
19th All-American Council [AAC], a special appeal has been announced by the Preconcilliar Commission to help defray travel and associated expenses.

The AAC will convene in Saint Louis, MO July 23-27, 2018.

“The unusually high costs associated with travel from Alaska and Mexico, combined with local financial realities, prohibits most clergy and lay delegates from those dioceses from attending the AAC,” said Archpriest Eric G. Tosi, OCA Secretary.  “For example, the cost of a sending a delegate from Alaska can run as a high as $2,000.00 for travel alone.  Travel costs for those attending from Mexico are equally high.

As in the past, the Preconciliar Commission is asking for parishes, organizations and individuals to donate toward offsetting travel expenses,” Father Eric explained.  “This can be done through a cash donation or even transferable travel points to be applied to the purchase of airfare.”

All donations may be sent to Melanie Ringa, OCA Treasurer, PO Box 675, Syosset, NY 11791 and specifically designated for the “Alaska/Mexico Delegate Fund.”  Questions and specific concerns may be directed to Melanie at

“It is hoped to fund 12 delegates from Alaska—four clergy, four laypersons and four youth—and three clergy and three lay delegates from Mexico,” Father Eric concluded.

The associated approximate costs are as follows:

For Mexico
Airplane Ticket $400.00
Hotel: $150.00 per night x five nights – $750.00
Train to hotel and back to airport – $20.00
Meals: $40.00 per day for six days – $240.00
Total $1,410.00

For Alaska
Flight(s): Anchorage to and from St. Louis – $1000.00; Transport to and from Anchorage – $500.00
Transport to hotel and airport – $20.00
Hotel: $150.00 per night x five nights – $750.00
Meals: $40 per day for six days – $240.00
Total: $2,510.00