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The Orthodox Christian Mission Center [OCMC] has been awarded a grant to enable seminarians to serve on OCMC mission teams in 2018, exposing them to the vital work of missions while equipping them to serve people in need with the love of Christ.

“It is very important for us to sacrifice our will to God on a daily basis and trust that He will guide us in the right path,” offered one OCMC seminarian grant recipient, who was given assistance towards participating on an Orthodox mission team.

In 2018, grants are available for seminary students, who will have the opportunity to further their education by working in the field, serving the Lord and spreading the Orthodox faith.  Seminarian Mission Team Grants in 2018 are being funded by the generous support of the John C. Kulis Charitable Foundation, which will cover up to the entire cost of participation in an OCMC Mission Team.

“The need to expose future leaders to the important work of OCMC is essential for a healthy mission-minded Church,” said Andrew Lekos, OCMC Mission Teams Director.  “The OCMC Seminarian Mission Team Grants provide opportunities for seminary students who may not have the funds to participate on mission teams to have an experience that broadens horizons, strengthens leadership skills, and helps develop a vision for the needs of the world by sharing the Gospel in a different culture.”

Mission Teams in 2018 will serve Orthodox communities around the globe, including Albania, Ghana, Guatemala, Indonesia, Jamaica, Kenya, Mexico, Uganda, and Alaska.

“These teams will offer opportunities for evangelism, teaching, construction, youth ministry, health care, and outreach to those who are most in need,” Mr. Lekos added.

Applicants must have completed at least one semester at an Orthodox seminary at the time of application, be in good academic standing, and demonstrate Church involvement.  Those receiving a Mission Team Grant will receive support to help offset the cost of participating, including airfare and a cash stipend.