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The Preconciliar Commission, charged with the organization of the 19th All-American Council [AAC] in Saint Louis, MO July 23-27, 2018, recently released information concerning AAC assessments.

“The Preconciliar Commission has prepared a budget that includes $275,000.00 in assessments to the dioceses,” said Melanie Ringa, OCA Treasurer.  “The decision was made that, instead of the OCA invoicing parishes directly, the dioceses will be invoiced for their respective portions of the $275,000.00 based on the percentage of their support to the 2017 Operating Budget, as calculated by the Finance Resolution adopted at the 18th AAC in 2015 Atlanta.  As a point of reference, the total assessment for the 18th AAC was $265,188.00.”

Dioceses will have the option of absorbing the assessment or passing it along by invoicing their parishes.

“To this end, the dioceses are being provided with information on the assessments paid by their parishes for the 18th AAC,” added Ms. Ringa.  “Invoices, letters and other information on the assessments are being mailed to the diocesan bishops and treasurers.  Clergy should check with their diocesan treasurer with any questions as to how their diocese is handling the assessment for the 19th AAC.”

The Preconciliar Commission also announced that retired clergy and clergy widows will not be charged any fees.  Military Chaplains, Stavropegial Institutions and Monasteries will be charged the $250.00 delegate fee, which includes admission to the AAC formal dinner, for each delegate in lieu of an assessment.  Weekly Observers will also be charged $250.00, which likewise will include the formal dinner.  There will be a daily observer fee of $75.00, with an additional $75.00 charge to attend the formal dinner.

Ms. Ringa added that “these fees have remained unchanged from the 18th AAC.”

Electronic registration for the 19th AAC and hotel registration will open during the first week of January 2018.

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