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Then Miroslav Nos came to St. Tikhon’s Seminary from Elevation of the Holy Cross Church, Jalovka, Poland. He was at St. Tikhon’s during the canonization of St. Alexis of Wilkes-Barre, and graduated with his M.Div. Degree in May, 1995.  

Archimandrite Athanasius (Nos) currently has two obediences in the Church: he is the abbot of the famous monastery of St. Onuphrius in Jabłeczna, and the dean of all Orthodox monasteries in Poland. You can see an interview with Archimandrite Athanasius about his ministry here, dated in 2011.

Archimandrite Athanasius’ consecration is set for September 24, 2017. May God grant Archimandrite Athanasius many blessed years!