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The days were packed with instruction.  Each morning began with the Divine Liturgy, followed by a guided discussion of how the music went, what could be improved, how those improvements might be made, and to field more general questions and concerns.  Classes in the mornings and afternoons covered the tone system, how to set words to the music (both setting them and on the fly), and directing.  Each evening was capped with a lecture that was open to the general public (see below for links to recordings of the lectures) and evening prayers with the seminarians in the chapel.  It was a grueling schedule, but everyone was fortified by the tremendous meals that the seminary cook, Pani Maria, prepared (glory to God!).

This is one of several new programs that St. Sophia’s has fielded to meet the demands of the UOC-USA.  It came about because several people had voiced the concerns about how hard it is to find chanters and choir directors and still others who have (often reluctantly!) stepped forward to chant and direct had shared their frustrations.